industrial design - contextualizing technology.
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Technology + Context = Innovation

Same is a design company from Berlin. Our focus is contextualizing technology. We combine design research methodology with a unique hands-on approach to tackle the complexity and uncertainty involved when implementing new technologies. With our research projects on Machine Learning we are actively engaging in current debates on possible applications for the technology. For clients interested in new technology, we offer introductory workshops, consulting and design services. We also teach Machine Learning at various universities. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for your company.

Machine learning is more than big data and self driving cars.
According Arthur Samuel, "Machine Learning is a field of research that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed."
We like this definition a lot, because it explains why machine learning will fundamentally change how we interact with products. We offer a broad range of services - from defining key applications for your business to implementing machine learning in functioning prototypes. As practitioners, we combine design research with a hands-on approach to develop new products with this amazing technologies. As designers, we are pioneering establishing the implementation of machine learning into the design process with our research project Machine Learning Prototyping, generously funded by DesignFarm Berlin.

Curious what Design or Machine Learning can do for your company?

Machine Learning Workshops

We offer introductory workshops on machine learning basics and explain how machine learning will transform the way we interact with products. You will learn about the basic mechanics of machine learning and possible fields of application.

Design Sprints on emerging technologies

Design and design research are proven tools to tackle problems that involve uncertainty. Technology only produces sustainable value when translated into the right contexts. Combining design and engineering expertise, we help you approaching new technologies and implementing them into great products.


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